Hi there, darlings. I have a few updates-es. So without further ado...

I have started eating gluten again. It has only been two days but I am feeling fine so far. It's so nice to have more options of things to eat! The first thing I had was some thin crust pizza, it was like heaven!

I am going to dye my hair black again after three months of growing it out. I was growing it out all that time in order to go to a different color but changed my mind once I started to miss having it black. So this whole time my hair has been a a bit of a mess. I'm excited to dye it black again this week!

I had a bunch of blood work done last week. A few of the tests came back abnormally. I have been super stressed about this as one of my doctors is out of town so hasn't been able to explain the results or what the next steps are (probably more tests). He is out until Wednesday. But another doctor said he would call me when he gets back, which worries me even more as Kaiser never calls about lab work unless something is wrong. I have been a mess this weekend. I'm trying so hard not to worry too much but it is always in the back of my mind.

But today there is nothing I can do to make Wednesday come faster. So I have to try my best to take it slow and be okay in the unknown.

That's all I can really say right now...wish me luck.

xx, C


  1. I'm crossing my fingers that it's no big deal!

  2. Don't stress before you know. Try to relax and keep busy! Sending good vibes.

  3. You're absolutely right-- there's nothing you can do to make Wednesday happen sooner. Distractions are always helpful! I hope everything is okay; please keep us/me posted.

    Be well,


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