Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.--day

I'm even more crazy about making lists since I am mostly in bed or on the couch 
these days and can't really do much. I easily make 2 to 3 lists some days.

Cranky face in my car at the Target parking lot as I was trying to convince myself to work
through my pain and run my errand.

Morning in bed feeling shitty and watching Alfred Hitchcock's Torn Curtain
Paul Newman and Julia Andrews are dreamy.

Making gluten-free corn bread (that tasted yuck!). I escape to the kitchen whenever I have
A relief from the pain. I love being in there and baking, cooking, or taking care of plants aren't
too hard on my body.

Comfort coop cage free eggs. Seriously these were the best eggs I ever bought! 
Cracked so easily and were super fresh. Plus they were cheaper than my normal brand!

Date with Ronald. Taking a photo and trying to hide my face don't really go together.

Ronald promised me he would stay with me forever if I gave him a Chipotle tortilla chip.
I had to take a picture for evidence!

Pretty coffee.

Sunday morning we bought a meyer lemon tree. It already had a lemon!

Ranunculus blooms are all over the house. I love their floppy goodness.

Looking through old texts between Ronald and I.

Isabelle has been so photogenic! Usually she hides from the camera.
I think it's the new haircut, she knows she's looking like a star! ;)

Cricket and fallen camilla petals.

I told you I loved these flowers. 

Camilla bloom.

This one reminds me of a swinging skirt and I want one.




  1. I wish my cranky face was that cute.
    Camilla petals are sooooo pretty! Is it just called like a camilla plant, or camilla tree? I love the petals!! They look so soft and pretty.
    I was looking at lemon trees this weekend! And kumquat trees. I ended up not getting one because there was no room in my car, but I got a ton of little plants! I love your lemon tree!

    1. I think it is actually called a Camellia plant. I got that wrong...whoops. I love them too. They are at my in-laws house and I can't wait until we landscape our yards because I want a ton of them!

      You should get a lemon tree. I love plants. I would love to see pictures of yours!

      xx, C

  2. So many beautiful photos! I love that you keep flowers and plants everywhere :) That sounds so lovely. Those texts are adorable!


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