where I give myself a compliment (for once).

I am not that great at sketching. I definitely do not draw things realistically, or very well for that matter. But there is something endearing about my little ink and paper messes (at least in my opinion), something sort of whimsical and simple. I never give myself compliments so not deleting the sentence above is a big deal. :)

It's been a long day. I went to Lens Crafters for an eye exam at eleven this morning and didn't get home until late afternoon. Last time I had my eyes checked was early 2010! Not good for a gal who wears glasses! I've been having some vision problems, mainly things far away would be super blurry. In my exam we found out that I am no longer far-sighted but am now near-sighted! So basically I have been wearing the exact wrong prescription for a long time! 

Anyway, I got a whole new pair of glasses (frames and all)! They aren't too different from the ones I have, just a little different, but I loved my other frames so am really happy with the new look. I also got some prescription sunglasses (finally!), I usually don't wear sunglasses or if I have to, I wear non-prescription which makes it hard to see, not a good idea while driving...

I will try to get a snap or two of my new look and post it soon. 

Tomorrow we are going to Ikea. You have no idea how stinkin' excited I am! We go maybe three times a year, so it's kind of a big deal. We are going to get a new room divider shelf (the same as we had previously but moved to another room), a printer stand, candles, napkins (they have so many fun colors!), and some plants for a table we cleared off to use as a new plant place. I can't wait to have some time with Ronald too. He is the best...seriously.

I hope you are doing something fun this weekend too! :) Leave a note letting me know...

xx, C

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  1. So.. thanks for reminding me that I also need to get my eyes checked. I'm SUPER blind without my glasses. Glad you got that taken care of.
    Super jealous that you're Ikea bound. The closest one to me is like 6 hours away. Don't even remember the last time I went! Have fun!


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