Iphone wristlet option one

Iphone Wristlet option two
Hello Darlings,

Yesterday Ronald and I upgraded our iPhones. It's been fun setting them up. I love the floral case I found and want to get a little phone clutch too. I always keep my phone with my keys and it started to get scraped up. These are my two favorites so far. They are both on sale which is nice. I searched so much yesterday for more inexpensive options, but they are such horrible quality I wouldn't want to waste my money. I think I will save up and get one of these. I really love the bright pink one!

Last night I had horrible dreams. One was that R and I went to San Francisco for my birthday and I had to cross the bay on a tightrope and almost died! I often dream that the Bay Bridge is a tightrope or has holes in it that we have to walk across. I am afraid of bridges so I guess that makes sense.

Do you have recurring dreams? I definitely do, but they are all nightmares. Maybe because almost all my dreams are nightmares. :(

I wish there was a pill that would make bad dreams disappear. At least when I wake up I realize life is ok, which is such a relief.

Love, C

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  1. Yay for new iPhones!!!
    I have one of these: http://twelvesouth.com/products/bookbook_iphone/
    and I LOVE IT! It isn't the cheapest thing in the world but I'll never have another case. It's perfect.

    Sorry to hear about your nightmare. I have a HUGE problem with nightmares. I have chronic sleep paralysis and I always have nightmares about natural disasters and bad weather. Mostly tornadoes.


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