a few things

Not sure if I showed you my new glasses. I love them, and it's nice to have the right prescription so I can actually see!

This here is Kitt. I bought her on Thursday afternoon. I was so sad that day and just found out I needed to go gluten-free. I was totally overwhelmed. I saw her on a shelf at the market and fell in love. Isn't she so cute? And yes, she is tacked to the wall above my desk. Otherwise our pups would think she was a new toy!

I realized last night that I can't eat normal cookies, cake, fried won-tons, spring rolls, potstickers, naan bread, or pizza! It made me entirely too sad for my own good. Oh well...

Today is a home project sort of day. Then we will upgrade our iPhones to the iPhone 5 (we have the old iPhone 4 so an upgrade will be nice!). I also need to take my desktop computer to the Apple Genius Bar as the hard drive has been recalled. At least they will fix it for free...

What are you up to?

xx, C


  1. Your new glasses are perfection!!! They're so pretty on you too!

    Kitt is pretty adorable too! I'm sure the gluten free thing will become easier in time.
    Hang in there <3

  2. Love the glasses! Kitt looks soooo soft. She's soooo cute!!

    Amy's makes a gluten free pizza! I think it has a rice crust.

  3. I came across your blog months ago via Etsy—your husband, a high school friend, posted the shop link on Facebook—but this is my first time commenting. Hello! :) Anyway, in case someone hasn't already recommended it, you MUST check out Miglet's in Danville. Gluten-free cupcakes, cookies, baguettes, and all kinds of other treats. My sister-in-law eats gluten-free and says they have the best baked goods she's tried (and she's tried many). And for pizza, head to Jules Thin Crust. My best to you in the diet switcheroo. I don't know what I'd do if I received similar doctor's orders...

    1. Hi Leeanne!

      I know exactly who you are! Thanks for the comment! I actually went to Miglet's over the weekend and tried their cupcakes, they are so good, you can't even tell they are gluten-free! I also love how they have a little market too.

      Thanks for the pizza advice too! I will try it!

      xx, C


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