oh gee...I'm going gluten-free

So yesterday my psychiatrist/therapist recommended that I go on a gluten-free diet. I have a lot of tummy troubles. I basically get stomach sick every day. For some reason it never occurred to me that what I eat may be causing it. Fibromyalgia causes stomach issues, so I thought there wasn't much I could do.

After my session with the doctor I went to Whole Foods to get some things I can eat. Mainly brown rice, black beans, nuts, any veggies, and any fruit. I also need to keep my diet pretty bland and low in preservatives until my tummy calms down.

This morning I had puffed brown rice cereal with fresh strawberries. It didn't have much flavor, so I might try some different combos to make it taste better, maybe add raisins.

Today is a day for cleaning and I might stop at the market to get a few things I forgot to pick up yesterday. Tonight Ronald and I are having our first official gluten-free dinner. Fajita bowls with brown rice, black beans, homemade salsa, sautéed peppers and onions and cheese. I think it will be yummy!

Are any of my readers gluten-free? If so, what are your favorite things to eat?

It's Friday...enjoy it!

xx, C


  1. I cut gluten out my diet and I felt a million times better. Eating can be hard sometimes because you have to cook everything from scratch.

    But, my favorite breakfast is gluten-free Udi cranberry granola mixed with plain Oikos greek yogurt. It's so tasty.

    1. HI Shani, I will check out that granola, sounds yummy!

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  2. It might be gluten.. but it could also be high carb intake.
    I'm off my diet now, more of a lifestyle really, but when I'm doing a low carb/high fat diet I feel loads better.
    My boyfriend also says when we follow it he feels more settled and with no heartburn.

    1. I will remember the carb-intake issue if this doesn't work. Thanks dear!

  3. Well, I'm a wheat-free, even gluten free stuff makes me sick; it is hard especially here in Italy. If I do not eat wheat for 3-4 months, then I can get a way with a piece of bread or cake. I have some really good gluten and wheat free recipes, I can direct you to the webpage, if you like
    Best of luck

    1. I bet it is hard in Italy! I always think of bread and pasta! I would love the web address! thanks dear!

  4. I have been considering going gluten free for a while now because I get tummy troubles daily too (IBS haha...gross I know) and I really have no excuse not to try it because for some reason, we have a lot of local restaurants and delis that serve gluten free. My main issue with it would be my complete lack of cooking skills but with these take out options available, I should go ahead and give it a shot.
    I'm eager to see how it goes for you! It would be great if you could get some relief for at least some of your symptoms.

    1. I think you should try going gluten-free, it isn't easy (and I am only on my third day), but I can already tell my tummy is less upset!

      Let me know if you do, we can give each other encouragement!

      xx, C

  5. Yes, I have been having black beans, brown rice, and salsa, all the time. I also have avocado and am going to make homemade guacamole. I wish you were here to make yours! It is my favorite!

    xx, C

  6. I'm not gluten free... I have wanted to go gluten free because I have a lot of tum issues as well, IBS.. but I'm bad at committing.
    OMG that dinner sounds amazing! I just texted Joe and said I want that for dinner.


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