A little organizing & cake notes

I decided to set up our cubby room divider in our living room a little differently than before. Before I had it filled with books but I thought I would change it up. I found a whole bunch of magazine holders at Ikea, and put the books I want to go through in them which makes it look less cluttered.

Yesterday I made the buttermilk cake I mentioned in a previous post. It took a while to make and was pretty intensive, but it turned out yummy. The chocolate buttercream frosting is divine, and the cake has the zest of an orange in it and I was surprised how much the orange flavor came through. It gave a nice tanginess and was great with the frosting.

I learned a few things while making the cake. The main thing is that I need to cream the ingredients for my frosting longer to make it light and fluffy, I was always worried about beating it too long, but the recipe recommended beating it for four to five minutes and it came out perfect. The other thing is how important it is to have the ingredients at room temperature.

Today I have therapy. I am dreading it as it is always so challenging to work through my emotions, but it will be good in the long run. This morning I am going to do some crafting to get rid of some of the therapy-bound anxiety.

Hope you have a lovely Thursday!

xx, C


  1. Your little cubby storage is so cute!
    I totally need more shelving or bookcases or something in my house.
    I've accrued so many knick knacks lately..with no real place to put them.
    I'm sure you feel loads better after therapy. Hope you have a good morning.

  2. Whenever you share pics of your house I feel like they belong in a magazine. You're so good at interior decorating. I always wished I was good at it.. but it just does not at all come naturally to me.
    Send me some cake!!

  3. I love that little cubby! And from what I can see in the pics, we have very similar taste in reading material!
    Mmmmm cake.
    Good luck with therapy <3

  4. I love your organization and style! It's similar to mine...-Jessica L


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