Little house

I spent the day taking down Christmas decorations and redecorating the house. I love redecorating and do it several times a year, it makes the house seem fresh and interesting. Sometimes I get tired of staring at the same things and they start to lose their meaning, so moving things around helps. I also have so many goodies that I can't have them all out at once so I keep a bin in a spare room of things that I can put out later on and switch things out occasionally.

We still have our Christmas tree up but will take it down this weekend. Speaking of weekend: I am so happy to have some time with Ronald! He is the best fella to have fun with, rest with, or do anything with. He also takes really good care of me when I don't feel good, which always helps me feel a little better.

We are going to go on a date this weekend as well. And for new years day we have some fun plans. We are going to move our bed to the living room floor and camp out and watch the Batman trilogy while having some good drinks, and food. Sounds like the best way to start the new year, if you ask me. ;)

Stay tuned for some 2013 goals and maybe a little video tour of our house (we'll see if I'm brave enough to let you hear my voice!).

Any fun new years plans? What are your goals for 2013?

xx, C


  1. I'm pretty sure I've told you how much I love everything in your house, but I'll say it again. I totally wish you could come decorate my house!

  2. Your house is so lovely!
    That sounds like the PERFECT New Years.

  3. Aww thanks girls! You all are so sweet!


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