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It's new years eve. This leaves me anxious as I think I need to talk about what I want in the new year. I feel overwhelmed with the need to say meaningful/accomplishable things. So here goes...

I really just want to not have this new year be horrible. 2012 was one of the worst years I've experienced since I've been an adult, really and utterly. I want to be able to see some improvement in my life and well-being. I don't want to struggle so much with daily functioning, with staying alive, with internal and external aches and pains that leave me hopeless. I want to say goodbye to panic attacks, and especially nightmares (which haunted me last night), I want to believe that things will be ok and good one day.

I also want to create more. Write again. Open my Etsy shop. Stay social with friends. Enjoy nature. Take more pictures. And get a few tattoos.

I hope you have a wonderful new year. Do you have any resolutions?

xx, C


  1. I've got lots of goals this year, but the one I'm focusing on is getting healthy. That's the one thing I HAVE to do. I'm hoping everything else just falls into place. I hope you have a great new year's eve!

  2. These are so lovely, Catherine :)
    I wish you the best of luck, from the bottom of my heart.
    Here's to a New Year!!


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