Christmas tree.

Here are some glimpses of our Christmas tree. It's our first year with a flocked tree and we are in love with it! It's fun to have a big puff ball sparkly tree to look at. We got the perfect height as the angel is about five inches from the ceiling (go us!). The pups love it, and the flocking is non-toxic and washes right off when recycling time comes. This is the first year we only used ornaments that have a special meaning to us. We finally have enough to cover the whole tree. In previous years we would use decorative cheap plastic ornaments to make the tree look full. It's nice to finally have a real ornament collection. :)

xx, C




  1. That looks so freaking cool!!!! I want a flocked tree!!
    I love your ornaments! The swan and poodle are my favorites. I can't wait until Joe and I only have meaningful ornaments!!

  2. Oh it's so beautiful! I love all the vintage ornaments. I think you've created my dream tree!


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