home heart

Reasons I love home the best:

This is my backyard view when I'm doing the dishes.

I have a table full of plants.

This is our kitchen.

We have a wall full of art.

Our bed is cozy.

I have a huge desk to work at.

He lives with me!

This adorable couch-eating puppy.

This precious lazy dog.

And last but not least. Our fuzzy monster Isabelle.


What do you love about home?


  1. Seriously, I just love the way you've decorated your house. And your fur babies are just too cute!!

  2. My GOD, you have a gorgeous house!!

  3. Your house is absolutely gorgeous. I love the paint colors of the rooms and your furniture is so beautiful. I especially love your kitchen, gah! And that desk!

  4. Thanks for all the sweetheart comments gals! You should see the other un-renovated half of our house! It's a disaster. ;)

    xx, C

  5. Love your plants, puppies and kitchen and inspiring me to make a wall of art!

  6. I love your wall of art! So beautiful.


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