...and things are ok.

I like three day weekends. We had planned on going to the beach but with the on-a-whim-puppy-adoption we decided it was best to stay home and spend time helping Cricket adjust. This morning we loaded all three dogs in the car and headed to the park down the road (we actually got married there almost nine years ago). The girls were so good even though none of them are used to walking on a leash. They were very calm and after a bit Cricket started walking proudly with the girls, which was awesome. She is really shy but has improved so much in just a few days and we are all getting quite attached to her.

My sister is pregnant and the baby is due on the 6th! I'm so excited to meet the little fella! It's going to be awesome!

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I baked a cake. There are hydrangeas in the house. It feels like we are at the zoo with all the pups around. Ronald is sweet. And things are ok.

xx, C


  1. Congrats on becoming an aunt soon! I'm glad your settling in with your new fur baby.

  2. Sounds like a great day. My favorite sentence is the last one... Things are okay.

  3. I've had a crazy weekend, but so excited for you and your new puppy! It will take a little while for the new pup to adjust, but I'm sure she'll do great! And congrats on your sisters baby! Will this be your first nephew? Being an aunt is a wonderful thing :] I am a proud aunt of 5!

    ♥ Em

    1. I actually have two nephews and one niece but they live in New Mexico. It's so fun to be an auntie though and I can't wait to meet my sister's baby!

  4. <3
    Wow! Baby is coming really soon!! That's exciting!
    Glad things are going ok for you!!!

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone! I am so excited to have another nephew!


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