weird bug

Life is a weird bug. Last night for example I somehow forgot to pick up my sleeping pill at the pharmacy so was up most of the night. The little I did sleep I had dreams about a giant watermelon attacking our house, so that was interesting. I woke at 5:30 this morning, well I don't know if "woke" is the right word as I hardly slept, so I guess I will say that is when I got out of bed.

I drank one cup of coffee and here I am still awake, and just finished cleaning the house, I even swept the floors (how did that happen?). If you really knew me you would know that I despise sweeping. It gives me a back ache so Ronald usually does it, but I did it and survived. That is something.

May I briefly mention that I have the most adorable dogs in the world? Well I do. I love Amelia's dance for her breakfast (she does flips and runs in tiny circles) and how she almost ran into our tv stand today but put the brakes on just in time to basically touch her nose to the television. Isabelle is the hugest ball of fluff on earth and loves an old crushed up water bottle like it is her child.

Anyway, enough nonsense. It's nice to feel a coming back of life.

xx, C


  1. Glad to hear you are doing better!! Wish I had your energy this morning. :)
    Beautiful photos! And love the pups. Such personality.
    Also, loved the newsletter. Keep at it.

  2. Cute! I've been having a horrible time sleeping too. No dreams of giant watermelons...yet...

  3. LOL giant watermelon. Scary!
    I have not been sleeping either. Our doggy, while cute, is extremely needy and must sleep on me. Not Joe. So it's a back and forth all night of no foot room, Joe telling her to move, her coming back, jumping on me. I am so cranky today.
    Nice job on cleaning everything. I hate sweeping too. It just grosses me out.
    Your doggies are so cute! Cuba loves crushed up water bottles too. That's also an annoying sound to hear when trying to sleep.. grrr!
    Hope you can get some sleep tonight!!!!

  4. Hehe, Calla Lily loves plastic bottles too! You could spend all the money in the world on cool toys, but in the end - she's always choose the bottle.

  5. Hum, my comment just disappeared! Hum! Anyway, get well soon Cat and yes you have adorable dogs :)


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