Absolute Dream Furniture

We currently have no barstools for our kitchen island so we haven't been able to sit at all since the renovation (one year ago).

We are using a hand-me-down coffee table that has passed through two owners before us. It's scuffed and old and doesn't match our furniture.

Our current dresser was from one of our ex-employees of the family business. His leaving was a big blow to the company so the dresser always reminds me of that...every time I look at it.

Our dog dug a hole in our couch (I'm serious!), and it is falling apart and full of stains.

We have never had a bed frame! We've always had our bed on the floor or just on casters.

We don't have a linen closet so all our towels and sheets are set on the floor in our bedroom (we have done this for four years...oi), so a wardrobe would be a perfect storage place.

We currently use my childhood dresser as an entry table, it's functional but I want to use it for something else and it needs a new paint job. I also think the glass doors in the new entry cabinet would be a perfect place to display some of our vintage goodies that are currently cluttering the living room.


What do you think of the styles?

xx, C


  1. I LOVE that couch.
    Barstool is rad too. I love entry tables. I wish I was that classy.

  2. I love everything! The entry table looks amazing and the barstools look like they came straight out of the 70s (in a good way).


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