photographs + poetry

redecorated entryway

wooden characters 


 field roses

 morning in the backyard

Sitting next to the silky-sulky big black dog. 

She smells dirt and old things, of grass and comfort.

A fan roves back and forth, posturing dust in new crevices

And keeping my brow dry.

It Summers on. The fridge overflowed with healthy food.

My heart bearable, my breathing tangible, my existence 

Necessary(?) though I'm not quite a believer. 

The need to be replaced, like week old eggs does me in

Every time.


  1. you have a great knack for interior design i love it all!

  2. I question if my existence is necessary too. I feel ya.
    I have a big maine coon cat that smells like old things and comfort too. :) Thanks goodness.
    I wanna wake up in your backyard! It looks beautiful!

    1. Our backyard looks beautiful in pictures but it actually is all weeds, we have yet to landscape...one day... ;)

      xx, C

  3. I love your entry, and your poetry is so very pretty ♥

  4. I love your house so much. I think you may have missed your calling as an interior decorator.


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