schedule, etc...

Morning dears,

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I'm trying to schedule my life a pinch. It's hard when I am depressed to keep to any sort of schedule, but now that things are calming down I am going to try to plan things a bit better. Do you keep a schedule? If so, do you have any tips for new schedulers?

Happy Friday!

xx, C


  1. Ooo!! I love that plant and plate! Pretty!!

    Hm. No, I do not keep a schedule. I hate schedules. Well besides keeping my work schedule I can't plan anything else though.

  2. I want to keep a schedule LOL.

    I have so many things that I want to get done. Most of the time, I think a cleaning schedule would be beneficial, but I can never stick to it.

  3. Schedules are so hard. I love to make them but never stick to them. I wish I could!


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