I really didn't want to turn this into an outfit post. But I guess it kind of is. I wore this yesterday for our weekend date. I'm trying to wear dresses and be more expressive with my clothes as I usually hide in jeans and a blouse, so here it is...Please excuse the dog bed, dog toys, and my super duper need of a haircut. :)

Dress: Target Plus Sparkle shoes: Ross
Beaded necklace: Thrifted

Depression has a big hold of me right now. It's playing these little tricks that catalyst me even deeper into gloom, making me wonder why the hell I am even here and the point of it all. The worst part is knowing there is a point, that I should be happy but am not. I think that is the curse. I'm hanging in. Going through the motions, moving arms and legs and blinking still--that's something.

Thank you my loves, for hanging in with me through all this and listening. I follow the razors edge on how honest to be on my blog, and this is what works right now. So here I go...to the great big day.

xx, C


  1. Look at you! I love your dress and you're looking fabulous! And I'm kinda in love with your house. You've decorated it so beautifully!

  2. I love the floral print, and by the way, I love that wall!



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