Here are some photographs of my morning. There are peonies all over the house (I mean all over). I think I have fifteen of them in different jars and vases and mugs. I'm totally smitten with the way they look and the way they smell. I'm sad they are only in season for a short time, so am trying to enjoy them as much as possible. Peonies are one of the few good things of Summer.

Yesterday evening we made yummy simple cocktails. I brewed some iced tea earlier in the day and we had that with lemonade, Jack Daniel's Honey (not a fan of Jack Daniel's in general but this is surprisingly good), and a lemon wedge. It was so refreshing and light, I drank two and ended up feeling quite strange at bed time. It was sort of funny but I kept asking Ronald weird questions, talking nonsense and cracking up at scenes from The Bee Movie.

As you can see from the pictures, I organized and cleaned off my desk. I moved my desktop only to realize there is too much glare on the screen. We are going to try to hang some curtains on the windows we suspect to be the culprit because I really like how it is set up now, so we'll see if it stays that way.

I'm also completely adoring our mantle set up at the moment. I love all the art and how light and Summery it feels. The Batman ink blot picture on the mantle is a new addition from Society 6 and I love it. It's pretty damn nerdy, but hey, we are nerds and I have come to accept that. :)

Pet peeves:

Printers that only print from one computer even though they say they are wireless (I think our printer is possessed).

Blog posts full of links where none open in a new window so you have to keep clicking the back button to get to the original post.

Crazy ass neighbors who stomp on your yard of weeds to annoy you which only makes you laugh and think they are crazier than you ever imagined. Which then makes you want to get a lock for your garage in case they do something really crazy.

xx, C


  1. Mmm your cocktail sounds yummy. And I love your mantle!

  2. I want your peonies! Gorgeous house!

  3. just catching up on my "reading"...I LOVE the pops of pink with your grey walls!! The photos are beautiful. I also like the full body photos on the next post. You are getting quite brave! BRAVO


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