photo dump

This black swan is hilarious. He/she made me giggle so much as he beeps and chirps at the weirdest times.

Me the day we left.

Our hotel.

Our hotel and the view.

The view outside our room.


Bracelets and freckled skin.

More of the view.


The view in the other direction.

My very tired and swollen feet (snorkeling is exhausting!).

My birthday boss and me.

Random picture R took of me.

It's R's birthday! He is 32 and I just am crazy about him. Today we went snorkeling, the current was pretty crazy but we saw a puffer fish, some cool coral formations, and a huge starfish! It was fun but also super tiring. I started freaking out at the end because even though I was swimming so hard I wasn't making an progress due to the current, luckily R was there to help.

Tonight we are going to go to a steakhouse and have a nice dinner and some yummy cake for dessert. We are hoping they have good cocktails too. Yum!

I crashed this afternoon and got super sad. I think because I am physically exhausted as well as going through a thing or two emotionally. After a nap and some rest time with my sweetie I feel so much better.

Tomorrow we go home. And although it is sad to leave, I think we stayed for the perfect amount of time. I think if we stayed much longer we'd get a bit bored and too tired to do much.

I can't wait to get home and see our dogs! I know its silly but I love them so much and can't wait to snuggle them. We found them turtle squeaky toys (yes, we are those people) teehee.

Anyway, now to get ready for tonight!

Love, C


  1. It looks so beautiful there! I'm glad you all had a great time. You are way braver than me for getting in that water! If it's not a swimming pool I'm not going in.

  2. Wow sounds like you guys had an amazing time! I had no idea black swans existed until now.... I love it! I just saw a white swan a couple weeks ago by a lake and it was so cute watching him clean himself with his neck! :)

    daydream frenzy


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