More Hawaii

Lunch at Cheeseburger in Paradise. They had amazing mai tais! 

Drinks and snacks for dinner Lielani's by our hotel. Really good coconut shrimp and macadamia nut hummus with grilled flat bread. R had a jalapeƱo and cilantro margarita which was incredibly spicy!

Breakfast by the water. It was so beautiful and cool out!

Today we went snorkeling--twice! First, in the water by our hotel where we saw some fish, then on this other beach just a ways up that had huge coral reefs! Some of them were in touching distance as we swam pretty deep in the water (we didn't touch to be keep things pristine though). The underwater pictures were taken at the second beach, it was so cool but also pretty damn scary. We were so far out and I got really anxious at the end that I couldn't stand up in the water. But I braved it and am really proud of myself.

Can you see the urchins in the little holes?


I can't believe I got such a good picture of R underwater! This camera is so cool!

Tonight we are going to a Luau. We are so excited. And tomorrow is R's birthday. We are going to adventure on a long day trip to a rainforest (driving there not hiking), and then go to a nice steakhouse for dinner and birthday cake!

xx, C


  1. Wow, such gorgeous photos! I'm so jealous that you're in hawaii!

  2. so glad you are having a good time!!

  3. Those are some amazing pictures! It looks like so much fun!!!


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