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We got home at midnight last night. Its nice to be home but getting used to the three hour time difference isn't easy.  I have somehow already unpacked, usually that takes me days, but it is so nice to have it done!

I have a  few more photographs to show but for now I will get back to the blog schedule.  So here is some writing from January.


The thick legged doomsday prophet's nasal-voice

Reminds me life is worth living because it will end.

There is no boundary between us and the floating up tree,

Why can't I go to heaven, or hell and come back in a flit?

Hell long promised to me in some winsome dream is very proud

To have me in its bushel. I can't wait really--to burn alive (on some days at least).

Why is there a permanence to all this, a gravity? We can't float

Without some form of oil. The mucky stuff carrying us to the sky like so much gravy.

I want to float up and down away from myself, until I forget I ever was. 

Until life becomes patient. A peddler with a small dancing monkey.


xx my darlings, C

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