We are having so much fun here in Hawaii. It's so calm and relaxing. The time difference has been kind of weird. It feels like six to us but its actually only three in the afternoon. 

Here are some pictures we took this morning of our first time down to the beach. It was so much fun! This afternoon I braved the waters (I have never been in the ocean deeper than my waist) and I went out really far, long past where I could touch the ground. I don't know how to swim but R is a good swimmer and I had one of those foam noodle floaty things to help me swim around. It was kind of scary but fun too. I have a huge fear of drowning and being in the ocean in general, but I still did it. Yay!

All these pictures were taken with our waterproof camera/camcorder. I'm actually really impressed with how vivid they are. 

Anyway, back to vacation.

Love, C


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