salvaged photos

Remember how I was raving about our Fuji Finepix xp20 underwater camera? Well it crapped out on us and sprung a leak while on our last snorkel in the ocean. So we are hoping we can return it as we used it properly. I'm sad because I thought it was a nice little camera that took some good photographs. I was able to salvage some of the pictures off the memory card but can tell from the pictures that water had entered the camera so these aren't the best but they are kind of interesting to look at.

Hotel view. 

Water spots and brown feathers in my hair.



And again, I kind of like all the spots on this one.

At the bar for drinks.

Blue dress.

Two gin and tonics with Beefeater gin.




Koi pond, I love the colors!

Black swan.

This swan was so funny and made the weirdest noises.

R at his birthday breakfast.

Strawberries with super thick fresh whipped cream.

Bubbles on our last snorkel.

Weird picture of me underwater, can you see my tattoo?

Coral and cute fish!

The water was so clear.

The bottom of the ocean. :)

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  1. That last photo is beautiful :) Glad you are having a lovely time. x N


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