vintage fun

I love all the vintage goodies around the house. Sometimes I don't notice how special these things are and how much character they have. I especially love the pigs sad face, its so cute!

After a night of terrible nightmares (I mean terrible), I am going to have a cleaning day. The house needs a very good scrubbing from top to bottom. I bought a new feather duster and am so excited to use it (yes cleaning products can be exciting). I'm also going to run to my favorite Trader Joe's, and maybe do some baking and painting this afternoon.

Ronald has been taking a class in San Francisco all week. Usually it takes about thirty minutes to get to the city, but this week it has taken him two hours there and two hours to get home because of traffic. Its really no fun and I miss him so much. He is an instructor so has classes every week, but usually not five days a week and the rest of the time he works from home, so its weird not seeing him until the evening.

Love-love, C

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  1. Hello C,

    Just checking in. Looks like you have been a busy bee. Glad you are getting creative. I have a similar bird thing going on at the moment. In fact, I am rather obsessed. I wonder why. Maybe it is spring. I should take some photos.

    Keep it up, sweet one.

    xxx P


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