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Good morning my dears!

Its a rainy morning. I'm a bit exhausted but am slowly waking up. I am fighting my desire for another cup of coffee which isn't easy. :)

I'm loving painting so much these days. I think I am making some strides in getting better and yesterday I made a few things I can imagine making prints of and selling. That is exciting and encouraging. I'm running out of paper, but last week I ordered lots of watercolor postcards for a great deal. At an art/craft store fifteen sheets are $5.99, I found the same brand online for $3.09 per pack of fifteen! So I bought ten packs, I  most certainly will be set for a while!

The nice thing about having several passions is that I can go back and forth between them. When I don't feel like writing (which I really haven't lately), I can paint and vice-versa. I want to write more but the writing bug just hasn't hit me in the last week or so. I need to discipline myself more to try.

What is your favorite craft, thing to create?

xx, C

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