seven a.m.

Its Spring and its morning. I'm at my sturdy and rather messy desk thinking of something meaningful to say.

The sun is coming out and its beautiful. I want to paint but my energy has been waning these days and I'd much rather rest and do nothing. I'm tired of not having energy. Being on four antidepressants is a blessing and a curse. Its good because at the moment I'm not depressed, but its bad because I have to deal with all the exhausting side effects.

I have to kind of accept that this is how my life is. That things won't be perfect/I can't be perfect. I don't know why that can be so difficult.

Love, C


  1. Better living through chemistry! Sort of. I saw that you followed my blog today, so I though I'd come check out your little corner of the internet. It's lovely! Following you right back.

  2. thanks for following me dear! I love your blog!

    xx, C


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