My travel plan

Tomorrow we leave for a Vegas vacation. I'm so excited!

The way I pack:

I keep a list on my laptop of the main things I always bring and then mix and match clothes and jewelry. It helps me not forget any of the basics.

I bring a few pairs of shoes as we do a lot of walking.

I bring a warm sweater or hoodie and a beenie and scarf as the casinos are so cold even when it is warm outside.

I bring snacks! Its no fun to have to stop at the gift shop all the time just to pick up a granola bar.

I bring zicam whenever I go on a trip. I always seem to get sick while traveling and its good to have just in case.

I always bring lotion and moisturizing face wash. Vegas is so dry especially with all the air conditioning!

I bring candles. Its always relaxing for me to have a  candle lit while I read before bed.

I always bring way more clothes than I need. I am so fickle about what to wear and the worst thing is not wearing something I feel good in.

I bring my journal, and a book for the plane ride.

This time I'm going to bring my watercolors so I can paint, which will be so fun. I try to give myself a little downtime whenever I go on a trip.

Lastly, I drink a ton of water while I am there. I always seem to get a sore throat when I don't and that's really no fun.


I love traveling and Vegas is one of our favorite stops. I really can't wait!

xx, C

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