The book Artist's Journal Workshop is totally inspiring me art wise. Its full of ideas and beautiful pictures of mixed media art (mainly ink and watercolor). So last night I rushed out and bought a watercolor art journal to start filling with my little creations. 

In other news, I am stuck in a whirlwind of nightmares each night. I have always-always had nightmares, but this time around they are so intense and horrible, I don't even want to talk about them when I wake up. I wake up several times a night, but each time I go back to sleep the dream returns even stronger. I watch relaxing shows before bed, or read a slow book and last night tried a visualization but nothing helps. During the day I am haunted by the memory of the dream, its truly awful. Today I have therapy so I'm going to talk to my doctor about it and hopefully we can find some sort of solution or change my meds around a bit. I just don't want to sleep anymore. :(

This is what I'm trying to remember:

Love, C


  1. Plus, you are here for a reason. & don't you forget it! grace


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