I have a deep-mine struggle with confidence. I act more confident than I actually am and am constantly doubting myself. I question everything I do and get lost in my head. I wonder: am I wearing the right outfit? Did I say the right thing? Did I choose the right path for my life? Am I crazy? Sometimes the doubts make such a clatter I can't even think straight. 

I'm trying to define who I am. And what I'm realizing is that I am a confident and direct person (or at least I want to be). I want to be self-assured. To have an anchor of self-acceptance to keep me grounded. I want to get rid of all this self-doubt. 

I'm not sure exactly how to get rid of the doubt, but I know writing about it and letting it see the light of day helps. 

Things I want to do to be more confident:

Wear red lipstick or just lipstick in general instead of lip gloss (for some reason this is a scary venture).

Wear clothes that make me feel good about myself and don't worry about being judged.

Smile when I'm in public and keep my head held high.

Wear heels.

Perhaps open an etsy shop selling things I make.

Take writing more seriously.

Focus on wellness in all areas of my life.


How do you battle the self-doubt bug?

xx, C

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  1. I wish I knew how to battle self doubt! If you discover, you must tell every insecure girl. :)

    I constantly struggle with things I should do but feel I wouldn't do them well enough so I end up not doing them at all. I know, sounds lame. It's a vicious circle.

    I think you should definitely try opening and etsy shop with your drawings and poems! Maybe I should get the courage together and try to make things to sell as well... You definitely inspired me with the idea. :)


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