Last night R bought me a Bamboo Stylus for my Ipad. The nice thing is it works on every generation of Ipad (I have the first generation). I downloaded the Bamboo app and love it! You can create different notebooks and name each one and choose if you want lined paper or blank paper (or any type of paper in between).

Here is one of my little sketches on it. I have a lot to learn but its so much fun and easy to use! If you like drawing I totally recommend you snatch this combo up! The Stylus cost $30 and the app is $9.99 but its totally worth it. And just in case you didn't know this isn't a sponsored post, I just really like it.

Love, C


  1. I wish I had the ipad so that I could use this app! I love drawing!



  2. Oh bummer about not having an Ipad. :( The prices are really going down since they have introduced the ipad three.

    I will be hopping over to your blog soon to check it out. :)

    xx, C


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