home and self-doubt

Here are a few goodies from around the house that I'm loving these days. I especially adore the vintage plate with this little mustached fella.

I'm struggling with some self-doubt today. I think I suck at writing as well as art. Part of me thinks this is my brain playing tricks on me, the other part thinks I finally am having a moment of clarity and that I should give it all up.

I don't think I could give it up even if I tried since it is such a part of who I am. As soon as I gain a pinch of confidence and feel like I can do it, I slam myself down with thoughts of how stupid I am. It is a bad, rotten habit.


  1. Keep painting!! keep writing!!
    I really think you should put your birdies on Etsy.
    And your writing is so much a part of who you are.
    Hang in there, not just for yourself...but for all of us as well.
    Love & prayers, Sally

  2. Oh thank you Sally. I am thinking of an etsy store at some point, but whenever I think of being successful I get so much doubt...Working on it though!

    Love, C


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