dolled up for the birthday
1. My birthday was weird. We found out our mattress was broken so instead of going on a date to Ikea and a favorite spot for lunch, we went mattress shopping and brought home pizza. I still dolled up and wore a new shade of lipstick!

2. The renovations on our house (that were supposed to be done before Christmas!) will probably be done today other than some few issues we have to fix. This has been the worst renovation experience we've ever have mainly because the company we are working with is just rotten. I've been so stressed and miserable the last few months due to this nonsense, so I can't wait to get back to normal life!

3. I'm reopening my Esty shop. I changed the name to Slow Darling Slow (a phrase from a favorite poem I wrote), and I am going to sell my various crafts and art. Including brooches, pinup style hair clips, and some drawings. Still working on changing the banner and gussying the place up so it will take a little time to get it up and running, but keep an eye out.

4. Due to the renovations the last two months, I've had to stay home most days to watch our dogs and keep the project in order. I can't wait to have some time to myself and be able to go to cafes and write! 

5. We had our bed set up in our living room for a month! On my birthday we were able to finally get our bedroom back! So nice to have some of our house back and it was seriously one of the best birthday presents!

6. I have a lot of plans to doll up the house and freshen it up. Can't wait to get moving on it! I will share some pictures once things get done. I feel like things are really coming together. I'm super proud of our bathrooms that are being renovated because I designed them. They both came together just like I imagined! It's kind of surprising to realize I am good at something that is so important to me.

7. For Valentine's R and I are planning on cooking dinner together, and making cookies, sounds perfect!

8. We were going to finally make it to Ikea this week, but due to the Super Bowl being in town we are going to stay home to avoid the crazy traffic jams! For Super Bowl we are nesting and eating junk food. I refuse to leave the house all day.

I can't wait to share more on the blog and get more connected! xoxox

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