slow down

Hi Dears,

Nothing like being sick to remind me to slow down. I have an appointment with my doctor to see what's wrong. Hopefully I'll be back on my feet soon as being sick isn't the best form of rest!

But I am trying to take things slower. I have time to myself and I'm not depressed! After ten years of consistent depression, it's amazing to have gone three months depression free! I am so happy and working even harder in therapy to continue to grow and improve. I'm so excited about what is to come.

Right now my main focus creatively is being a plant lady. I am propagating succulents and growing them in vintage bowls and cups. I'm hoping to get enough going so I can sell them at a swap meet. It will take months and months to get there, but it's a fun goal! 

I'm also going to get back to writing. I became really discouraged after not getting any feedback from some writers who offered to help. It really destroyed my confidence. But I have to get back to it. There is a new cafe' open downtown that has a lot of quiet little booths that would be great to write in. So I'm going to try my luck at it once a week.

I'm doing my best to enjoy the little things. Growing leaves, puppy barks, the tiny changes in the weather, the way R's hand feels in mine. It's good. And for now it's vitamin c and lots of tea to get me back in ship-shape!

xo, C

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