things that make me smile

1. Pups stealing tomatoes from the garden, and thinking they are being sneaky.

2. Propagated succulents ready to be transplanted.

3. Harry Ham Bone acting like playing ball is the best thing in the world.

4. Being able to sleep with a lot less hip pain on our new mattress pad.

5. Waking up after nightmares and realizing they were just dreams.

6. Cooking at home more and making delicious comfort food.

7. Greek yogurt and double espresso.

8. Pedicures.

9. A new pillow and lamp that makes our living room feel more mid-century modern.

10. Plants. Any plants. Even weeds.

11. The sweet smell of tree sap and leaves near our house. Besides the ocean it is my favorite smell.

12. Red lipstick and skirts. I'm a skirt person now and I love it.

13. Ronald getting excited for the Mineral concert we are going to next week.

14. About to celebrate 12 years with that nerd. Pretty awesome.

15. The anniversary present I got that kid. I'm such a good gift giver (sick brag).

What are some things making you smile right now? Slow down and enjoy something simple. Take a deep breath. Even on the shittiest day there is at least one good thing. Look for it, and don't forget that it will be ok.

xo, C

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