"Oh let's go back to the start"

Hi Dolls,

Things have been rough. I had a pretty big meltdown last week but am getting back on my feet. I've been so stressed. Hives, tummy aches, trouble sleeping, nightmares...all that stuff. It's really super not fun.

The weekend was pretty damn good. We cleaned out my pink dressing/craft room and all it needs is a little decorating and it will be ready for enjoyment! We also hung some spice racks and I am thrilled, which is kind of silly but spice racks are very exciting at the moment! I can't wait to show you all the changes and give you a tour of my dreamy pink room!

I'm dreaming of less stress. The ability to cope with all these changes and feel more in control. I have realized I am a highly sensitive person and don't cope as well with change, I also am more in tune with the emotions of others which is super overwhelming for me. I have all these weird experiences and I am now reading books about being highly sensitive and it has helped me so much! I was always ashamed at myself, thought I wasn't strong, etc. But now I realize my brain just works in a bit of a different way and that's ok. I seriously started crying while reading the first book because I finally felt like I wasn't alone. It's a very good thing.

So yes, I am hanging in and working hard. Trying to breathe and rest and not meltdown anymore than I have. 

xo, C


  1. I've really benefited from reading about highly sensitive people, made so much sense to me.

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I adore your notes! Please don't be shy! :)