House tour part one: living room

I thought I would do a little house tour of some of my favorite rooms in our house. I had to use my phone as I can't find my DSLR plug in, so the pictures aren't the best.

I really love our living room. I recently redecorated the majority of the room to be more colorful. I love how the wall color is bright but with the even brighter colors layered on top it looks more like a neutral! I also am learning that if you do color right it can feel really fresh and not too busy, this room has a lot going on, but it also gets a lot of light and is so calming to me. 

I use a lot of white, coral, pale pinks, and blues. I really want to replace our couches (dreaming of this and this), but our hand-me-down sofas are pretty damn comfy even though they don't really fit with the room style. For now I keep them covered in white and blue quilts and that works.

A few things not pictured is our huge tv. I wanted a huge one and I seriously love it, so fun for movie night! Also not pictured are our fans, our stacks of books waiting to be donated, and all the dog toys, and dust bunnies. So yeah, we live here. I want my house to be lived in and not perfect. I forget that a lot and end up judging myself for mess which is just silly. Our space makes me happy and it doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful. So yeah, I do have mess...lots of mess!

I'm really proud of this room. Out of all our rooms this one makes me the most happy and relaxed. What is your favorite room in your house? What is it about that room that makes it your favorite?

xo, C

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