clothes and tattoo plans

So store credit is a lovely thing, especially when it has been way over 30 days! I had a bunch of things from Modcloth that didn't work and I finally got to the post office to ship them back. With the store credit I was able to get these three dresses and three skirts! Pretty excited. 

Skirts are a new thing for me, but I'm a big fan. I love that I'm able to wear cute t-shirts with them and dress it up with pearls or pretty earrings. It makes my wardrobe way more versatile which is nice. I also love how twirly the skirts are, I kind of want to spin in circles all day when I wear one!

This coming month I'm planning on getting some tattoos and maybe my tongue pierced. These are things I've wanted for ages and I am going to treat myself with my first paycheck! I am hoping I can get two shin tattoos and two little phrases above my knees. Not sure how far my money will stretch. I also want to get Ron a Lincoln tattoo. I'll keep you posted on how it goes...

xo, C


  1. These are as cute as ten million buttons! But I'm especially in love with the floral skirt. Divine!!

  2. I meant to write the dark floral with the dark color top!!

    1. Just got the clothes and the dress you (and I) liked best wasn't good quality. I am returning it because it looks so cheap. Bummed! Most everything else worked though...yay! xoxox


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