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So this morning I took about half the clothes out of my closet. Mostly bulky sweaters and things that aren't my style anymore. I also put all the skirts together, shirts, etc. Of course, for now, there is a huge stack of clothes in the hallway waiting to be put into storage, but it still feels great!

Last week I went through my jewelry and shoes. We set up a shelf in our room specifically for them. I ordered some vintage canisters off Etsy as well as a Paris tin that I just couldn't pass up, so I can have some pretty ways to organize. I'm excited to have all my clothes and jewelry in one space.

For awhile I did the whole dressing room thing, but to be honest, it was overwhelming to me. So the dressing room is going to be set up more for crafting and other projects.

Since I'm going to start working (doing marketing for our family business), I want it to be easy to get ready every day. I'm only working part time because two days a week I have therapy and I'm so drained after those 50 minute sessions that I need to take the day to recuperate. I still have a lot of depression and health issues to work through so my self-care is a priority and takes up most of my time. I'm hoping to increase my hours at some point, but for now this works.

I am trying to simplify my vision for my life. Here are a few things I know I want:

To have a job I am passionate about
To write, read, and craft in my spare time
To have a group of close friends that I spend time with weekly
To garden and have a greenhouse. I love growing my own food and propagating plants!
To always have time for Ronald. To travel a lot. To live simply with less. To cook.
To be accepting of myself and loving and supportive to those around me

I am going to write this list out and hang it somewhere to help me stay focused. I feel like I have so much potential right now. Even though I'm in a rough patch, things are changing fast and improving overall, which is exciting and new.

Oh, and this weekend we are going bourbon tasting and to the beach where we got engaged. I'm thrilled!

xo, C

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