Morning. Health. Work

This is one of the last mornings I will have to myself since I am starting my job next week. Well, I will have every other Tuesday to myself once I'm working...so that's nice. I work and feel best in the morning. I never thought I would be a morning person, but here I am waking at 5:30 and feeling energetic and cheery. Weird what happens when you get older...

So today I am going to enjoy the little things. I'm headed to the bookstore which is seriously one of my favorite comfort spots. I'll get some espresso and wander around. Then I might go to a craft store and a discount store where I'm looking for some pretty canisters for healthy foods. 

In other news, I got a Fitbit and it should be delivered today. I found out I have PCOS which basically means I'm not ovulating. It also makes you gain weight and makes it very hard to lose weight. Along with the anti-depressants I'm on all this weight gain makes a lot of sense. I am going to really work on the way I eat and being more active. Even though I've been eating a lot better this year I still haven't lost weight, so it's going to be a challenge. I mainly want to feel strong. I want to feel like I can run, dance, jump around. I'm all for body positivity and I feel like a badass at the size I am and probably wouldn't try to lose weight if it wasn't for my health issues, I am a fan of being as healthy as possible, so this is happening. Oh god, I kind of just want pizza right now. Wink...wink. ;)

I am super shy about the job. I really doubt my competence in basic things. My brain thinks I can do it and will do fine, but my emotions and anxiety are bubbling with self-doubt. I know this is a huge step for me as I am facing a lot of my fears. I'm also excited about what I will be doing and think I'll enjoy it. So yes, wish me luck! Oh and I get to doll up for work twice a week which sounds exciting. I really want to channel the fashion from Mad Men!

xo, C


  1. I am excited for this new phase of life! I know you will do well and I hope you enjoy working. It's good to have a reason to get up and get out of the house. I'm still searching for that myself. Enjoy your Fitbit, I've had one since last year and it really has made me more active and more aware of my sleep patterns. They are awesome.

    1. I'm excited too. I know there is going to be a big learning curve. I was homeschooled so never adjusted to having an official schedule. It's all really stressful for me but I know it will be good in the end. xo, C


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