Yosemite & I: a photo diary

Ronald and I went to Yosemite two weeks ago for work. While he taught a class, I wandered around and took photographs. It was so pretty out and I had so much fun. Whenever I am in Yosemite I feel so small and held up by the earth. It's wonderful.

I wrote the following poem in Yosemite in 2012, after visiting the waterfalls. This year I meditated next to the waterfall and it was perfect.

Note to a waterfall:

I walk to you water

With a prayer, with a Minnow heart.

My soft stare perpetuating my short stature,

And your high oh so holy vertical most impossible climb

Rising up, up, up until I crane my neck,

Until all I can muster is shallow breath. 

Until downtrodden I walk to your downfall

The water emerging from so many cracks and formed layers,

I being broken in so many unutterable places, find something of

A healing in your presence. The mist rinsing over my clay soul.


xo, C

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