It's been a crazy week. Monday and Tuesday Ronald and I were in Yosemite. While there I meditated near the falls, and took a long walk. It was nice.

The rest of the week was full of appointments and other to-do's. I managed to take myself on a little coffee date which was nice. 

Then yesterday, our family dog Winifred passed away. We are all heartbroken and I am still in shock. We spent the day together as a family and talked about all the things we will miss. Winnie was such a queen, and a grump, and a lover. She had a unique personality and it was awesome. 

The weekend is for being with family, doing some shopping for R, and doing chores. We are getting him a smoker for his birthday (which is next week!), and he also needs some nice clothes for work (and our Lisbon trip!). All I really want to do is lay around with the pups and sit in the garden and be with family. But we need to get shit done.

xo, C

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