garden time

We set up my garden last weekend and I love it! I also got my first rose bush which for some reason makes me feel really grown up.

We have tomatoes, strawberries, bush beans, carrots, corn, green onion, squash, cucumber, peppers, and a selection of herbs. Our squirrel (or our one orange pup) has already stolen some veggies...we aren't sure the exact culprit. This weekend we are getting a little white fence to put around the beds to keep that orange pup out, at least!

I feel so calm in the garden. I sit on our swing in the heat of the lush Spring day and sway back and forth staring at the goodness before me. Dreaming of making cocktails with our lemons and herbs, and cooking with the veggies. It's magic to grow something.

Amelia gets very busy in the garden. She eats the dropped seeds from the bird feeder, and wanders across the old red deck, nose to the floor, sniffing and hunting for anything interesting or edible. She loves it. The pups love Spring as it means the door is left open and plenty of outdoor mischief.

R has taken the week off work. Even with the week off, we have been busy doing this and that, and helping me through some intense anxiety and down spells. Today we are headed to the zoo and I can't wait! Then the beach this weekend...the best place on earth.

xo, C

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