Vegas over the years


I suck at slots.

Us with the in-laws (we almost always go with them) they are so cute and good company.

The strip.

Drinks with my honey.

Winner. ;)


These chandeliers go up for four or more stories!

Drinking fancy cocktails.

We used to play poker in 8 to 12 hour stretches, it was so fun!

smilin' kids. 


This place is so yummy and we are eating there tonight!


First time I sat alone at a bar and had a drink.


  1. Looks like you had fun! We spend a weekend at a casino here at least once a month, and almost all our travels/vacations revolve around casinos (even the cruises). I don't play- I may waste $5 in a penny slot machine- but my hubby is a longtime gambler who always kills it at the poker or blackjack tables, and boy does he love craps too! Me? I love the shopping, the relaxing in the suite, the eating. And oh did I mention the shopping?? :)

    1. I know the shopping is the best! Since we are saving money for Lisbon I'm trying to stay away from the shops (especially Sephora!). ;) Hope you get a good vacation soon!

      xo, C

  2. I can't wait to go back to Vegas in Dec and take my sweetie for his first time there. Please share any insider tips you guys have!! Esp favourite buffets as we love to eat lol

    1. Vegas tips: Mirage has a burger place called BLT Burger that is amazing and has spiked milkshakes! Cirque De Soleil shows are the best! I love Mystere, O, and Zarkana, totally worth the money! We stay at Monte Carlo and it's a great hotel. The Venetian has a beautiful shopping area that looks like old world Venice. So glad you are going! Hope you have fun!


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