So I'm sick. I am so physically tired and weak that I can't function. I don't have a cold or virus, it is just something that I deal with a few times a year and so far doctors can't figure out why. It sucks not knowing what is wrong. It also sucks having to stop my life for months at a time.

We think it could be an autoimmune thing but in the past my blood tests seemed pretty normal. I'm making an appointment with another rheumatologist to run tests again. We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime I am watching lots of Gilmore Girls, Seinfeld, and Hitchcock movies. I'm also drinking green smoothies, and taking really long naps. I started school today (luckily it's online), and I have been doing some little crafts. Oh, and playing Sims Build It on my iPad which I am totally addicted to!

I miss doing things. I want to cook and jump around and take showers without crying due to how weak I feel. This sucks. It's super hard not to get depressed at times like these. So I'm wishing for luck and strength and guts to get through. All positive vibes welcome.

xo, C

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