dreamy dresses

I love fashion and this is seriously some of the best fashion I have ever seen. These dresses are absolutely dreamy! The rainbow one is my favorite but they are all amazing. I'm swooning like crazy over here! Where is my fainting couch?!?!?!

I never thought I would be a fashion lover, but good lord do I love it! I'm hoping to get some books on fashion through the decades and also one on couture. 

I love dressing up and I think fashion is about dressing the way you want, not following trends. I mean that's what fashion designers do, they try to make something new and unique, something not seen before. It's funny that we all then go out and try to copy the look. So I say dress the way you want, whether it's on trend of not, just wear what you like and enjoy it.

I want to be braver in my style but I'm sometimes a shy girl. I have a petticoat and puffy 50s dresses to wear, amazing oxblood boots with faux fur, and red lipstick to try, but I need to get my bravery up to wear them. This year I'm doing it! I also want to share pictures on here one day, but first things first. Wish me luck!

xo, C


  1. YES! You need to share photos of that. I would love to see you all dolled up like that. :) Gorgeous girl!

    (And that rainbow dress. I love that. Hard.)

    1. Thanks lady! I know the rainbow dress is just killing me! So brilliant!


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