bored girl

Hi Dolls!

Here are too many pictures of my post-nap face. My hair is all frizzed out but I'm bored as fuck so selfies seem sort of interesting.

Ronald is out of town. He left Sunday and comes back Thursday. It's been a long one so far and I sleep like shit when he is gone. It's quite lonely over here...

I've been binge watching The Good Wife, eating junk food, and drinking lots of coffee and the occasional green smoothie.

My birthday is Friday and I am so excited to bake my cake. I'm using a chocolate cake recipe from the 1920s, and making strawberry buttercream for the center layer, and chocolate frosting for the top. I hope it tastes like heaven and I hope it doesn't look like shit so I can get some good pictures. I also have little Paris cake toppers...so much fun!

The one thing I love about my birthday is that it is close to Valentine's day. Other than Christmas Valentine's day is my favorite holiday mainly because it's all red and pink and hearts and flowers. There is a string of heart paper lanterns on the mantle, sparkly heart garlands, daffodils, tulips, and carnations. So things look pretty celebratory around here.

For my last few days as a 30 year old I'm planning on doing homework, making some collars for the dogs, going thrifting, and trying to keep my chin up until Ronald gets back.

xo, C


  1. You make me smile, Beautiful Girl.

    YOUR BIRTHDAY IS ON FRIDAY! Good to know. :)

    <3 All the love.


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