Tuesday Tellings


I really just want a kitten to sit in my craft supplies.

I would wear this nightie every night forever and ever.

I have this and it is the cutest planner ever. Each page is unique which makes me want to use it every day.

This canister set is coming in the mail to me and I can't wait to get it.

I love this dress.

Reading this and it's so good. It's all about the servants in Pride and Prejudice. Brilliant!

Reading this too and it's tops.

Read this on the plane to Australia. Super good.

I made these pumpkin biscuits for the dogs (squirrel cookie cutters and all). They love them...but they really love anything edible (and some things inedible...).

If you want to know how I feel basically 100% of the time, check out these comics about living with an anxiety disorder.


Are you ready for the holidays? I'm so ready! But I still want to buy more presents for Ronald and make more Christmas crafts. I have chocolate sugar cookie dough in the freezer to make this weekend. Oh baked goods...how I love/loathe you.

xox, C

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  1. That nightie? I'd wear that as a dress in public!!! LOL And oh my god that kitten. I need a kitten in my art supplies, too!


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