just you and me, kid

Eleven years ago Ronald and I got married! I can't remember a time when our lives weren't intertwined.

We have had a wild ride so far. Lots of fun, romance, long conversations, and movie dates. We've been renters and homeowners. We have brought home puppies (who are the best things ever!), picked up messes, and laughed a lot. We have become more and more comfortable with each other. We've grown up together and are still discovering who we are individually and collectively.

We have also had sleepless nights, and sad days, too much bad luck for anybody. We have worried about my survival, have sought opinion after opinion, and spent too much time in the psychiatrists waiting room. He has dried my tears, and helped me through panic. But no matter how grim it seems, we are in it together, and that carries us through.

This year we have--

Started our Sunday date day again.

Had lots of bourbon and cocktail toasts.

Snuggled up at home.

Ate lots of watermelon.

Travelled (a lot).

Got out of bed at 4:30 a.m. too many times.

Had two great vacations in Monterey.

Discovered roasted cauliflower (a revelation!).

Been more honest and vulnerable with each other.

Cleared the house of junk.

Cuddled. Cuddled. Cuddled.

Ronald has--

Received his master's degree and is starting his Ph.D! 

Taken really good care of me.

Started blogging (for work, but still awesome!).

Grown even more in his sensitivity and understanding of people.

Taken me to Ikea several times (hint, hint).

I have--

Started wearing dresses every day (love it!).

Stopped buying so much nonsense.

Started a garden (it's hit and miss).

Learned how to separate my own thoughts from the depressed thoughts I have.

Survived some really rough times.


Today we are going bourbon hunting. We will exchange cards and have a champagne toast. Also, cake. I get to bake which is super exciting! Tonight we are going to light a Chinese lantern (biodegradable too) and make a wish together before we let it float to the sky. 

xoxox, C



    (Okay. Sidetracked. Master's degree and PhD work! That is freaking amazing. Congratulations and good luck, Ronald! :) )

    You guys are just wonderful. I don't know you well (yet), and I don't know Ronald at all (though I do know that he is your person, and that he loves and cherishes you, which, truly, is what matters to me), but I love you. You're just so wonderful and supportive and encouraging and real. I hope that I can buy you (both) a coffee someday. :) Happy anniversary folks, have an amazing day-of-you! Here's to infinite more celebrations of years spent together. :)


  2. Your plans sound absolutely spectacular. I want to be married to you two, too! lol!!!

    You two win the world, I think. I'm serious. I know there has been a lot of darkness to fight through and hard times when you were just slogging along, but the beauty that you pull out of that and lay out on this page is just remarkable. I love how you two just *fit*. And you both look so cute and young on your wedding day! Love the green dress and pearls. So classic.

    I love that you're wearing dresses every day. That's great! I was able to go out and purchase 3 or 4 tops and 2 skirts (one of which came from returning those kitty mugs!), so now I have a small selection of clothing other than pajama pants and oversized men's shirts to wear, and I finally feel like myself again! My skin is still too sensitive to stand much jewelry, so I don't get to wear the layers of funky, dainty, earthy jewelry that I would like to, but I've got my skirts and my loose shirts and a few pairs of dangly earrings, and I'm content with that.

    Good for you, honey. Good for you. ^_^


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