à bicyclette

I've been wanting a bike on and off for a while. I am scared of falls (especially after my ankle nonsense), and I am so scared people are going to judge me and that I'm going to just be ridiculous in general that I end up talking myself out of it.

But fuck it...I'm getting a bike! This is my dream bike. It's a hybrid bike which means its a cross between a mountain bike and a leisure bike. I love the color and its pretty snazzy for it's low price (under $250)! I would love to get a bike basket for the back and bike to the market for flowers and french bread. Isn't that the dream???

Oh and good lord, if you ride a bike wear a helmet! It can save your life. I love this brown one, and this one is super sleek. Ok. end of safety rant.

Some other haps:

I am going back to school! Enrolled today and will start in the Spring.

I started writing my book. Eeeeek!!!

I really need to dye my hair. 

I'm cold but too lazy to put on my hoodie...


What's new with you? Would/do you ride a bike?

xx, C

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