5 things you may not know about me

1. I wear dresses almost every day. It's to the point that when I wear jeans in public I feel like I'm in pajamas. I love dressing up and feel way more like myself when I do. Of course, as soon as I get home I throw on my favorite sweat pants and tank top. Other than the weekend Ronald really only sees me in sweats, I swear to him that I was dressed up earlier and sometimes take pictures as proof (of course he doesn't care either way).

2. Speaking of Ronald, he was the first fella to tell me he liked me and my first boyfriend. I totally lucked out with this dude and am so happy that he has a crush on me. ;)

3. I have really bad sleep apnea. It's pretty common for people with fibromyalgia. When I did my sleep study I found out that I stopped breathing once every 60 seconds! I wear a CPAP mask every night (I know...sexy), but I feel so much better even though it is annoying.

4. My middle name is spelled differently on my birth certificate than I actually spell it. On my birth certificate it is spelled Renee, and I learned to spell it René. Sort of weird, but I guess the government makes typos too.

5. I would be totally happy to eat Mexican food every day. It's so yummy! We have a great Mexican restaurant a few miles from us and I crave their food constantly, they have the best carnitas with a super spicy lime sauce.


What are five things I don't know about you??

xoxox, and happy Monday, C


  1. Dresses! I was just thinking about dresses today. I need to get my back-to-work wardrobe ready and I have been considering adding dresses. (I am a slacks and/or jeans kind of gal. In fact, the last time I wore a dress was, I THINK, my wedding. Four years ago.) I have some rockin' new kicks and they deserve some air time. So dresses. Maybeprobably.

    I kind of love the idea of this post. I MIGHT have to steal it, if I can think of five things that are worth talking about! <3

  2. Dangit. 2nd time today where i've left someone a comment and it just disappears.

    I want to go to that Mexican food place.
    Pretty funny about your middle name. I always thought my name was Baylee Ann but then I found my birth certificate and on it my name is Bayleeann. My dad raised me so I don't know if my mom meant for that to be my full name or if it's a typo.


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